Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Drawing for Concept art learning outcomes

I will post the learning outcomes for the drawing for concept art module here when its time. For now these are the learning outcomes I will address by the end of this module.

Knowledge & Understanding
1.  Appraise and demonstrate a breadth of knowledge relating to contemporary drawing practice.
2.  Identify resources and demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of techniques required for a range of drawing tasks. 
Cognitive & Intellectual Skills
3.  Evaluate historical and contemporary practice in drawing.
4.  Synthesise observation, existing and acquired knowledge in the production of original imagery. 
Practical & Professional Skills
5.  Analyse and interpret visual situations in order to represent them effectively.
6.  Demonstrate use of appropriate tools and techniques to achieve a professional result. 
Key Transferable Skills
7.  Apply practice-based research to the development of original ideas.
8.  Apply professional techniques to a range of commercial problems.

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