Thursday, 28 November 2013

Character and Environment design learning outcomes

These are the learning outcomes for the Character  and Environment design module.

1. Demonstrate a comprehensive and critical understanding of the issues relevant to character design in various contexts.

2. Demonstrate a comprehensive and critical understanding of techniques and methods appropriate to the chosen area of design.

3. Act autonomously in the research and synthesis of visual materials to support and inform the creation of original concepts.

4. Critically evaluate and defend your own work in the context of contemporary practice.

5. Explore, critically evaluate and implement the appropriate skills relevant to the creation of character design.

6. Operate ethically demonstrating critical understanding of the issues governing good practice.

7. Demonstrate an independent and reflective approach to personal and professional development.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Drawing for Concept art learning outcomes

I will post the learning outcomes for the drawing for concept art module here when its time. For now these are the learning outcomes I will address by the end of this module.

Knowledge & Understanding
1.  Appraise and demonstrate a breadth of knowledge relating to contemporary drawing practice.
2.  Identify resources and demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of techniques required for a range of drawing tasks. 
Cognitive & Intellectual Skills
3.  Evaluate historical and contemporary practice in drawing.
4.  Synthesise observation, existing and acquired knowledge in the production of original imagery. 
Practical & Professional Skills
5.  Analyse and interpret visual situations in order to represent them effectively.
6.  Demonstrate use of appropriate tools and techniques to achieve a professional result. 
Key Transferable Skills
7.  Apply practice-based research to the development of original ideas.
8.  Apply professional techniques to a range of commercial problems.